This usually happens after the final payment and receipt of the certificate.

On average 3-5 working days.

According to the rules of Turkish law, several owners can be entered in TAPU, but no more than 10.

Co-owners of real estate can be:

Both related and completely strangers to each other people.

Both individuals and legal entities.

Both adults and children.

The original of the buyer's passport and its translation into Turkish.

Individual tax number obtained in Turkey.

Application on the official letterhead.

Conclusion on the expert assessment of real estate.

TAPU is checked only in the Cadastre, for which a corresponding document is issued, stating that at the moment there are no restrictions on TAPU.

Be careful. The contract should be concluded only after all checks.

Be sure to compare the data of the one who signs the contract with you and the one who is registered in TAPU.

TAPU is a certificate of ownership of real estate located in the Republic of Turkey.

According to the legislation, TAPU is the only document securing for you, as an investor, the right to own residential or commercial real estate.

There are many of them!

Obtaining a mortgage loan on the same terms as for Turkish citizens.

Or, for example, buying a car, with the opportunity to pass on a driver's license.

You can stay in Turkey without a visa for 60 days in one continuous check-in or with departures from the country, but then no more than 90 days out of 180, that is, in total - three months, once every six months.

Yes, for this you need to issue a residence permit (Residence Permit).

Turkish citizenship gives the right to live permanently in the country.