Erdoğan: "Enflasyon azalacak"


Erdogan: "Inflation will be reduced"

Last Update: February 19, 2022

Turkish President Recep Erdogan made a statement about the economic situation in the country. In his speech, he highlighted the work that is being carried out to reduce inflation. "We have reduced the VAT tax from 8% to 1% on the main groups of goods. And already now we see a decrease in prices in stores. We will continue to fight inflation, which has become a global problem. We will continue to support the population. I am sure that inflation will begin to decline in the coming months," the Turkish leader said. Also in his speech, he spoke about the support that is provided to certain segments of the population, in particular, people with disabilities, low-income and large families. Jobs will be provided for them, and work will continue on the organization of courses for obtaining a profession. "There are no problems with industry, production, logistics in Turkey. The tourist and construction seasons will begin in the spring. This means that the level of employment will grow, as well as the well-being of our citizens. Our economy is strong and we will overcome everything," Erdogan emphasizes.