Türkiye'de konut yıl için yaklaşık% 60 arttı


Housing in Turkey has risen in price by almost 60% in a year

Last Update: February 19, 2022

Real estate in Turkey continues to grow rapidly in price. According to the Central Bank of Turkey, which recently released the latest data on the price index, by the end of December 2021, the price of real estate increased by 7.8%. In comparison with the prices of December 2020, the increase in the cost of objects amounted to 59.6%, excluding inflation. If we talk about the three largest cities in Turkey, prices in Istanbul increased by 63%, in Ankara by 55.7% and in Izmir by 58%, excluding inflation. For you, Theprojectturkey, an international real estate sales company in Turkey, offers housing and commercial properties at developer prices. You can buy a house in installments, as well as buy it on credit or for cash. Please contact us, we will definitely choose the best option for you, taking into account your financial capabilities.