After-sales services.


After-sales services.

The procedure for buying real estate.

| What stages does THE PROJECT go through with the client when choosing a property? 

The first stage, we call the "preference list". 

In order to understand the client's desires, THE PROJECT asks leading questions. 

For example, the most banal of them is clarifying your goal.

"Should we look for objects for recreation, investment or permanent residence?".

The second stage is a "sightseeing tour".

If everything goes well, we pick you up from the hotel and go on a study trip, where we answer your questions.

The third stage is the conclusion of the contract. 

It's pretty simple here.

We discuss a convenient payment method, negotiate its terms and fix the property for the client. 

/ The document will be in several languages, one of which is your native language. 

The fourth stage is obtaining a certificate of ownership.

It is characterized by the issuance of TAPU, and, of course, the opportunity to move into a newly acquired house. 

| Does THE PROJECT provide after-sales assistance?

Yes, we act as your personal guide-assistant. 

We conclude subscription deals for the provision of water supply, power supply, wired and mobile telephone services. 

We check the condition of the electrical wiring, air conditioning and heating of the room, if the client suspects problems. 

We are engaged in repairs.

We advise on the selection and purchase of furniture, some interior elements and design.

We furnish the apartment ourselves.

We recommend shopping centers and shops where it is better to buy goods (household appliances, dishes, accessories).

We can be your escort and translator.