Legal support.


Legal support.

Any natural or legal person who plans to simply stay in Turkey, or conduct his commercial activities, needs knowledge of its laws.

With a sufficiently high level of security in large cities, there are still certain risks.

For example, you may face non-fulfillment of contractual obligations,

problems with obtaining a residence permit (Residence Permit), and financial losses by accidentally signing a contract with unscrupulous realtors. 

Our team is ready to take care of you and your nerves. 

We will provide competent and timely legal support in Russian, English and Turkish. 

| What is the importance of such help? 

Foreigners need advice on how to behave in situations closely related to Turkish law. 

Legal support, first of all, implies a number of certain advantages, as a result, making it possible to plan more thoughtful legal moves. 

By connecting the competent authorities, THE PROJECT will help you not to become a victim of unpleasant circumstances.